Above shows a map of estimated price to location

Change in price is due to a "trip charge" allocated for the distance from Denver Metro to the service location

Our inspection process at the standard rate includes:

  1. High-resolution video recording of the main sewer line (does not include all inlets)
  2. Pictures of the city tap connection and any defects found inside the pipe
  3. Precise locates of any found defects
  4. Written report detailing the types of pipe composition, lengths and depths of locates (if needed) and professional recommendation of how to address any defects or maintain the sewer line going forward.

We DO NOT charge an additional fee for toilet pulls, crawl spaces, or roof vents

Additional charges may include:
  1. Cap replacement over 3" (Caps 3" and smaller are replaced free of charge if no longer functional)
  2. $100 additional camera drop (if required to finish inspection, otherwise optional)
  3. $100 per drop for inlets connecting to main line (i.e. kitchen line, floor drain, laundry washer line, etc.)